Inculcate patriotism in a fun way that you child will enjoy and look for

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It is the duty of every adult citizen to inculcate patriotism in the younger generation. I wonder how many in the younger generation know about the details of history of our country and highlight of our country. Every child knows that they get a holiday on Jan 26th in India as it is republic day, but do they really know the meaning of it.

  • Do they know the richness in culture and heritage of our country which every other nation adores ?
  • Do they know what the 3 colours and the chakra in our nations flag denote ?
  • Do they know how our country was ruled by other nation and how our freedom fighters did and selfless deed and struggled to get independence for our nation from British Rule ?

Patriotism is the feeling of love of one own country.  Everything is more global these days with the younger generation preferring to get educated in foreign countries, buy international products, settle down in foreign countries etc. It is not wrong to leverage the best available products, services and opportunity across the globe however one should not forget the values of their own country where their ancestors hail from. They will loose identity in the vast world if they do not have a strong bond with their origin nation.

Having said that, some may wonder how do we encourage patriotism in today’s world as they are more global and that they do not have time / opportunity to teach these and also the kids feel bored when they talk about History. Here are some tips to encourage patriotism in a fun way

How to encourage patriotism in the young minds

– Celebrate Republic day and Independence day by hosting flags in your house. If you stay in a community and it is not possible then attend the public flag hosting with your family every year.

–  Organise Kids party /  get together with games and quiz related to our country

– Play oratorical games with Kids encouraging them to speak about what they feel about our country and what are the positives that make them feel proud about their nation. And what are the negatives and how they can correct them. This will make them more inquisitive to learn through sharing of knowledge

– Talk about our ancestors on how they led their life with passion for their community and country and struggled to get freedom because of which we are all blessed with this free life

– Pin flags in their dress on republic day and Independence Day and teach them what the flag denotes and that is the value every Indian takes a oath to follow. This will increase the patriotic spirit and also teach good values.

– Plan for family trips to national monuments

–  As a bed time story narrate small instances from history to arouse patriotism among children.

Let’s take these small steps to encourage patriotism in the younger generation to build a stronger nation tomorrow.

Also know some interesting facts about our INDIAN NATIONAL FLAG

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