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Struggling to make crispy puffed pooris? -Here is the tip

Puffed and crispy poori’s are the all time delight – a delicious bread with potato bhaji, channa masala poori-masalaor mutton kheema. Pooris are not a tough task anymore as they are projected….

But all you need to follow some tricks to prepare tasty yet crispy pooris easily.

1. To make the pooris crispier add small amount of rice flour and oil to the wheat flour while kneading the dough.

2. Knead the dough harder than what we would do for a chapatti.

3. Rolling out pooris with oil. Makes the oil reusable after frying pooris, it’s always best to keep it as clear as possible.

4. Rolling the pooris also determines the puffiness thin – crispy papad like pooris, medium – lasting puffiness, thick – puffed but immediately sags. But rolled ones should be even all over.

5. Test the hotness of the oil before you start frying. When oil is hot, slide the poori’s in slowly. The poori has to sink in hot oil, sizzles and puffs up gracefully.

6. Press the pooris gently into oil using perforated ladle to ease its swelling. Turn down the poori when its light golden. Let other side also turn crispy and light golden brown.

7. Spread the fried pooris on absorbent tissue papers. Serve after two minutes, with a gravy of your choice. Pooris taste great with channa masala or kheema.

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