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Horse – A vasthu symbol of power to perk up you and your business

horses 005



Horses, more specifically racing horse are known for their power, stamina and the energy level. And thereby Horses in Vastu are considered to be the symbol of power and thereby success. Horses either in the form of photo, sculptures kept at your home or office has higher influence on your victory.

  1. Single Horse at your office can strengthen your power, authority and brings in good will.
  2. Galloping Red Horses – Red being a symbol of aggressiveness and horse a symbol of power/ stamina. This improves your business aggressively by Steady flow of orders/ jobs thereby increase in cash flow, reputation and fame. So you find sudden aggressive growth in your business.
  3. Galloping white horses – This ensures better and smooth in flow of money. It helps to remove obstacles relating to financial issues.


  1. The horse symbol is often placed / hanged in Fame area south or Career area north.Sculptures can be placed on the floor or showcase in the South Zone with face facing towards North.
  2. Also make sure that useless articles from the North and South East zones are cleared. The horse should be placed such that it is coming in and not going out of the house.
  3. Please note while displaying the horse in a raring up position it is not advisable to put it directly behind or in front of you. This can lead to accidents and physical injury.
  4. One should never place a horse symbol made of leather.

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