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Garbaraksha Sloga for third month of the pregnancy

Garba means “Pregnancy”, Raksha means “To protect” and Ambika is one of the “name of Parvathi”. Goddess blesses the woman with pregnancy and protects the child. 

Chanting the sloka during pregnancy would ensure safe delivery.

The following sloka should be recited along with the first and second months slogan during the third month of the pregnancygarbharakshambigai-green-photo[1]


Rudhrasha Aekaadhasha Broktha ,

Pragrahnanthu Balim Dhvimam I

Yakshamaagam Preethayae Vrutham,

 Nithyam Rakshandhu Garbineem II

Meaning :

Oh Holy Rudras you are eleven, Please accept this prayer,
Which has been made as per your wish, to get  your mercy and blessing,
and be pleased to protect , this lady who is pregnant, from all dangers.

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