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Vastu for study room

Study room is the place where children or any person who wish to study  with peace of mind  and fully concentrate on what they are doing. Studying must be peaceful and joyful.  You can get  this atmosphere in the study room by properly placing the objects according to the vastu principles. Thereby studies happen automatically without any pain.  These are the directions according to the vastu you need to place your objects.

Study Room  Objects Direction Causes
Study Room Eshan corner- Northeast/ East/ West No beam must run above the child’s head while studying.One should not face the window while studyingStudy room must have lot of natural light and quietBathroom are fine in the study room  but try not to keep toilet


Study Table North or East The child face  North or East while studying.Study table must be  few inches away from the wall.Study table must be rectangular or squareSize of the table must be medium


Windows East or North of the room
Book shelves South/ West Study table must not be cluttered with booksBook shelves must never be above the study table
Table Lamp South east of the study table Table lamp is needed to increase the concentration
Pendulum Wall Clock North Wall

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