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How to protect your furniture’s from molds

During rainy season it’s very common for molds to grow on all the furniture and house hold things, especially those made of wood, even in the cleanest of houses during rainy season tend to get attacked by molds.

All the walls, mats, curtains, Wooden furniture on patios or porches and even our clothes is always at the risk of attracting mold, and produce a bad odour. There are some of the ways to remove mold from your wooden furniture and simple things you can do to prevent mold from latching to your furnitures. Read for a few simple tips to keep your wooden furniture.

  1. Dust the affected furniture, mat or carpet with duster. Never dust it inside the home because it may spread to unaffected furniture also
  2. After Dusting, spread some detergent powder on the affected area and clean it with a damp cloth
  3. You can also clean it with alcohol, petrol, bleaching liquid or kerosene.
    1. Sunlight and heat are enemies of mold wait for a better weather day on hot, sunny day. Take the furniture’s outside and place it on direct sunlight for at least eight hours. Repeat until mold has disappeared.
      This treatment also works on mattresses, blankets and other soft items. Simply hang out on the sun and then wash with a strong detergent. Dry thoroughly.
    2. Use vacuums and cloths on non-wood items. Most wood surfaces can be cleaned of mold, especially if they are solid and thick.
    3. After removing the mold from a wooden piece of furniture, it will also help to sand the area smooth and then coat with a clear lacquer or protective sealant. This can keep mold from attacking the wood and will repel it to the surface, where it’s easy to wipe off.
    4. Watch for leaks, cracks or other areas where dampness and moisture can seep into your house.

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