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Kitchen – Heart of the Home (Captivating Ideas to plan your kitchen)

Kitchen is heart of a home, whole families health is taken care by giving a healthy nutritious food. So it needs to be maintained cleanly and hygienically. A design of the kitchen makes it functional, whether the kitchen is a smaller unit or a bigger one. We can feel the spaciousness only by arranging things in a proper manner. In a systematically arranged kitchen gives them a pleasure of cooking, organized kitchen should be designed innovatively, arranged properly and maintained hygienically.


Ideal position of Kitchen in a home is South east corner of the house. These directions are ideal for welcoming the sun-rise thereby providing a good lighting and cross ventilation to the home and sun rays are good source of natural disinfectant. With Gas stove at south east corner and wash basin sink at North east corner.


Kitchen Flooring gives an elegant look to your kitchen designs. Captivating kitchen flooring can turn the appearance of your kitchen interior design. The kitchen flooring options such as granite, marble, wood, laminates, tile, and concretes etc. are commonly available in the market. Generally neutral or light colour kitchen floor surfaces give a pleasant look and positive energy throughout the room. Normally, white and its tints are considered to have disinfecting properties. Some of the things that should be considered before installing kitchen flooring are-

  • Appearance of Kitchen
  • Comfortness
  • Endurance of Flooring
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Stain Resistance

According to designers, Granite is the best option especially for Indian cooking because in kitchen we tend to spill many things like milk, tamarind extract, etc… In case of marble, mosaic in tends to react and takes the stain, whereas with laminate tiles it makes the floor slippery.


Paint your kitchen in wonderful colours. Before selecting the shade coordinate with cabinets and countertops. Granites are available in a variety of shades. Ceramic tiles are available in vivid colours and also protect countertops. Best colour option for kitchen walls is white colour or it tint or any other light shades. Light shades like white, ivory, mint or cream is always a good choice. Light shades give a clean, elegant and openness to the Kitchen. Also try to blend the shades with other kitchen accessories.

Kitchen is an important place where we require sufficient lighting because from sunrise to sunset we do one thing or the other. So the Lighting system should be made according to the size of your kitchen. Especially, near the stove and sink but do not over light your kitchen because it can make the space too warm.


The Design of the shape and size depends on the once requirement and usage. The Rectangular Kitchen is the optimum shape opted by the most.


Space planning in a kitchen may seem too difficult but knowing some guidelines, in space utilization Storage is important activity which involves from preparation to serving. Storage space should be easily accessible and quickly reached by the user. The sink should be adjoined to the counter space for easy flow of work. A well-designed kitchen should have focused its design and utility.

Select good material especially for kitchen. It’s always better to opt for teak wood or any other solid wood with matt finish. This provides good life and resistant to scratch and to some extent to water.

There are lot of things that contributes in defining an Perfect Kitchen. An Owner of the home in coordination with architect and the lady who is going to use the kitchen has to decide which needs incorporated and omitted depending on their utility and budget.


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