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Design Your Drawing Room a Gorgeous one

Drawing room is the focal point of the house that you enter in the house and it is this room only that creates impression on people hailing in. In Oxford Pocket Dictionary ‘Drawing room’ is a room in a large private house in which guests can be received and entertained. Such a room can also be called a front room or a living room. Whatever it is where you greet and socialize with your guests, so everyone wants it to be appealing, accommodating, and expressive of our particular tastes and give our guests long lasting impression about us. To make this it is important to design a drawing room with utmost care and considering each and every nook n corner for better appearance.

Generally room must be unique. It’s not necessary need to dump with expensive items but important is to design the place with things in outstanding manner. Every item that we use to decorate play’s the vital role in fetching aesthetic value to our home and reflects our personality. Everything inculcated in our home should be unique, inspiring and influential with proper ventilation and lighting.

Interior designing of drawing room should complement each other. Few things to be considered while designing drawing room, are:

  • Flooring should be multi-purpose apart from good look make our house feel wide and bigger. There are several types of flooring like marble, granites, hardwood, tile or concrete etc. Good flooring is essential to create functionality and enhance the overall décor. Wood flooring gives warm feeling and easy to maintain while for elegant décor marble or tile flooring is ideal.
  • Paint Colour in this room should be blend of serene & bright to influence the guests. Colours have an effect over mood & mind. Mix of Light and subtle tones are ideal for drawing room. Choosing a colour scheme keeping the amount of sunlight entering the room.
  •  Use complementing colour and encourage mix of colours thereby giving a new texture to the room. Using a single wall as a focal point and giving it a different shade than the other walls in the room is an innovative option.
  • Curtain Furnishing must be selected according to the design and the colour scheme of room. Materials used for curtains are silk, satin, cotton, tissue and synthetic fibre. Windows can be better decorated with designer blinds or mats to showcase the beauty and making it a focal point.
  • Lighting of the drawing room is important room for which aesthetic lighting should be selected at utmost care. Decorating lights like task light in the false ceiling and chandeliers looks awesome. Decorating Lamps and candles increases the charm of the drawing room.
  • Furniture and woodwork complement the look. Coordinate different styles use the major architectural features in your room to style your living room.  Select your sofa and chairs with comfort in your mind. Choose furniture made of high-quality materials and feel the luxury every time you relax.
  • Select a design that fits in with your Seating arrangements and overall style. When it comes to fabrics, choose according to the level of usage.  Well-tanned leather is better to wear than any fabric coverings. Fabric upholsteries can spill and spoil about anything.
  • Arrange the furniture and accessories in a drawing room without any hindrance so that people can move freely in the room. Rather lining all the furniture against the walls or facing each other in the center of the room, separate it into smaller groups for private conversation and reading. But the space between the groupings should be clear and wide.
  • Accessories in drawing room must be attractive add beauty to the room. Rather bulky items use light decorative items and hangings to make the room elegant.

      Consider the above points in mind and decorate your home with utmost care and make your home blissful place to leave in.

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