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How to identify whether child is been abused?

  • Children  who are being abused will not directly talk about their experience. Physical signs can include pain, bleeding, itching, or swelling in the genital areas are major signs of abuse.
  • Children abused may have unusual marks of biting in their body.
  • Check whether there is any variation from the normal behaviour of your kid.
  •  Extreme emotional and/or behavioural changes (i.e., sudden excessive clinginess, aggressiveness), recurring nightmares, or fears of being alone or always feeling to be solitary can be indicators of sexual abuse.
  •  While excessive or detailed sexual behaviour can be a sign of abuse, it is important to distinguish problematic behaviour from that which is normal and age-appropriate one.
  • Children will have trouble in walking or sitting.
  • Makes strong efforts to avoid a specific person, without an obvious reason.
  • Abused children may try to run away from home. Abused children may also show some physical changes that may lead to drug and alcohol  addicts in their later stage of their life.

If you suspect your child may have been abused, seek immediate help from a medical professional (i.e., paediatrician, mental health expert knowledgeable about sexual abuse).

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