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Some Perspective for a Good Homemaker! Are you?

After bell rings, official wedding oath is taken; you are a wife. After becoming a wife, life of each andmarriage strained every woman changes a lot. Depending on the individual or family interest and the situations; women opt either to be career oriented or a homemakers. A ‘Home maker’ is backbone of family, who spends most of the time caring for the family. At times depending on family situation men are also opt to be homemakers. The role of a Home maker is a never ending one and cannot be defined. Certain virtues of a Homemaker are built in every woman some exhibits at faster pace but some require their own time for developing the same.

In my country India, the qualities of a wife are predefined as six noble virtues to be an ‘Ideal wife’ in the verse from Neethisaram.

‘Karyeshu Dasi, Karaneshu Manthri;

Bhojeshu Matha, Shayaneshu Rambha,

Roopeshu lakshmi, Kshamayeshu Dharitri,

Shat dharmayukta, Kula dharma Pathni’

                Being a wife and mother (if blessed with children) on her own has a capability to understand her role in a family as a care taker and always strives to fulfill her role every day. Woman has a potential to emotionally soften the cruelties of the world and nourishes the souls of the husband and the family, and creates a divine and blissful place to live in the world. She is the soul of the home capable of doing multi task as wife, mother, sister, and as accountant. This doesn’t mean that wife does all the work so a husband come home, sit and relaxes on the couch, and watches TV. A Homemaker involves her family in all home activities and enjoys family time; without feeling overwhelmed and shares their chores as a part of a happy family life. Believe me! We enjoy our evenings by preparing dinner together and helping to do small jobs thereby creates happier moments in life. Sharing can be by teaching, or working as a family unit, and Kids learn the idea of team work and values of family only in the home!

                Strategic Planning makes your life and work a hassle free one. Planning and reviewing to do list on yearly basis together with husband will help to face hassles and challenges; an easier one. Always make decision after discussions as husband and wife. This not only encourages but also develops an open communication within the marriage and thereby creates a stronger link between husband and wife. Let us be clear in conversations. This may be a challenge for some. But try to say what you mean and mean what you want to say!

              Encourage & Appreciate! There is no one in world, who doesn’t like appreciation? Even your family deserves a daily “thank you” in one form or another. It does not have to involve intense planning or be grand; sometimes the little things mean more. AWoman find herself by giving love to others Take pleasure in serving your spouse. It is a always a privilege to serve and served.

           Surprise your family with little things. Everyone in this world likes to be loved. Start to get little things done for them so start surprising your family with thoughtful deeds. Surprising doesn’t presenting a expensive things in doing smaller acts of thoughtfulness, showing concern on family and trying best to make them happy in all ways possible.

               Smile. It not only improves your face value but also the family values. My husband is a genius at making me laugh. My Smile is a gift for him and as his humor is a gift for me.

Building a better family! Building up a healthy marriage will set examples to other couples and your children how to be a good spouse . After all, a big responsibility is great rewards for you, your marriage, and your family.

One comment on “Some Perspective for a Good Homemaker! Are you?

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