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Nail Care for the Fingers and Toes of your new born

When my son was born, his fingers in the early weeks were so small and his nails grow so quickly that I had to trim them twice a week. His nails were very soft and pliable that when I trim it I was worried whether it will hurt him or if I don’t, he might scartches his face (esp eyes) with his hands. At manytimes I had noticed that when he was angry  he scratches his face and body very harshly and it was hurting him. At that time many elders in the family advised me to bite his nails with my teeth but I was getting confused whether it will infect or not.

Then when I checked with my paediatrician, He said that biting child’s nails with the mouth as a way of trimming them, causes a condition called HERPETIC WHITLOW (a finger or thumb infection caused by the herpes simplex virus). So he said this practise of trimming the nails with help of mouth is a very bad one and never has to be practised.

Then I started trimming them with soft emery board nail filers, baby nail clippers, or blunt-nosed toenail scissors, also the best time to trim nails was after a bath at that time the baby will lie quietly, or when he sleeps. Also we should be very careful when using clippers or scissors because accidentally cutting the tip of your baby’s finger will cause pain and bleeding.

In contrast, baby’s toenail grows very slowly. They needn’t be kept as short as the fingernails, so we can trim them only once or twice a month. Because they are so soft, they sometimes look as if they’re in grown, but we need not worry about that unless the skin alongside the nail gets red, inflamed, or hard. And as the baby gets older, their toenails will become harder and better defined.

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