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De addicting Child from TV:


          Parents play a vital role in teaching the Kids what to watch and what not. Most of the kids get addicted to the world of television before they enter school. Although many urge for more hours per week of educational programmes, others emphasize that zero TV is the best solution. And some say it’s better for parents to control the use of TV and to teach kids that it’s for occasional entertainment, not for constant escapism.

                But any entertainment, in a controlled way is always good. A kid should also have some sort of entertainment but only thing is they should not think that Television is the only mode of entertainment. That’s the reason it’s so important for you to monitoring the content of TV programme and set limits to ensure that your kids don’t spend too much time in front of the TV. 

Ideas & Actions that can be taken:

               The way of exploring, playing, and interacting with parents and others, this encourages learning with wholesome physical and social development.

  1. Design a strategy for your child as to how much television child can watch. The lesser the television time the better it is. Since children do not have the concept of time, give them the options of programme and duration that they can watch. The Selection of programme should promote positive thoughts and developments in kids. Some Experts suggest not more than an hour / day for young children. Children less than three years can be made to draw pictures, colour instead of watching TV.
  2. Chart out TV rules for home. And make sure that as a parent we should also follow them and coherent. Rules can be of different patterns as per the age groups. For example, TV only on weekends, no TV before school, no TV after dinner, no violence, etc. This plan of action will be more effective if you can develop these kinds of rules with your child because they will also feel that they are also given importance. This is an added advantage that more likely it will work.
  3. Keep No television on your child’s bedroom. The best place for TV and computer is the family room. So that you can have eye on what your child is watching. Converse to your child about what they are watching. This will enlighten them and gives a good knowledge on the subject which they are watching and we can also know whether they have understood the concept in a right way.
  4. Parents are always role models for their children. So refrain from making television your prime source of recreation. This will encourage your child also to look options rather than watching television as recreation.
  5. Inculcate healthy hobbies/activities in your child like outdoor activities or find the field of interest and develop them like stamp collection, painting, star gazing, learning to play a musical instrument, dancing, crafts etc.
  6. Help your child to differentiate between real hero and reel hero. Make them understand the taste of hard and make them that world is a best place to live in.
  7.  Also do not forget to Interact with your child’s teacher to know what they interact with their friends regarding the TV programmes.

                                         These are some of the actions can be taken without hurting and coercing.  Child will also understand the consequence and react positively without any anguish…


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