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                           Constipation is a National Digestive Ailment. Constipation is a Symptom and not a Disease. Everyone will face this problem in any point of time; only the intensiveness varies depending on your diet, physical activity, medications and hormone levels in our body.

  • Signs of Constipation:

Bowel Movement (BM) is less than three times per week.

The Stool will be Hard, Dry and smaller in size.

Normally the Stool will be difficult to excrete with unusual Pain.

  • Remedies:

Natural Remedy:

Terminalia Chebula (Kadukai in Tamil) Powder is mixed in Butter milk is a best way to get rid of constipation.

v  Dry Grapes soaked overnight.

v  Fruit either in the form of juice or the whole fruit itself. Fig, Black currant, Sweet Lime  Prune, Orange, Banana, Peach and Pear

v  Vegetables like Banana Stem, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Peas and Spinach can be made as a fry or gravy.

v  If there is acute rectal pain sit on the warm bath, apply oil on the rectal area.

v  Plenty of Fluids as water or as juices can be taken

Artificial Remedy:

v  Stool Softeners can be given under doctor’s prescription.

Suppository can be inserted at the rectal area.

For babies over 2 months old, give fruit juices twice each day. If over 4 months old add strained foods with high fiber content on daily basis. For Older Children (More than 1 Year Old)  make sure that your child eats fruits or vegetables at least three times each day (raw unpeeled fruits and vegetables are best).Also decrease consumption of foods like milk, apples and refined products like bread and biscuits.

To Know more about the diet for constipation. Click here http://wp.me/p2zpYg-fr

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