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Oral Hygiene for All


Oral hygiene refers to health of our teeth and mouth. Managing and maintaining our oral hygiene is extremely important for each and everyone because all our teeth’s are connected to organs, muscles and tissues via dental nerves i.e., all disease like including heart and gland problems originate from dental pathogens.  So developing a good oral hygiene  from the childhood will help in sustaining all organs healthy.Some simple steps to maintain the oral hygiene

Brush Regularly:

The First and Foremost thing a person has to do is to brush teeth properly and regularly. It is important brush teeth twice a day. Teeth should be brushed from all the sides, using a proper brush. Brushing time should not be less than 3 minutes.

  Floss Regularly:                                                                                      

This is a easy way to get rid any food particles from the surface of the teeth and gaps between the teeth. Any types of floss can be used for flossing.

 Mouth Rinse:

Rinse helps in preventing tooth decay and strengthens the outer enamel of the teeth.


The next important factor is the diet.  The diet should contain Fruits and vegetables. Proper and healthy foods help in maintaining oral structure very well. Thereby helps in having the mouth well-lubricated and taking extra care on our teeth and gums. We should have plenty of water it helps to clean the teeth temporarily.

Sticky foods:

Sugar or starch is safer for teeth when it is  had with a meal, not with a snack. Sugary Snacks are Sticky and it’s one of the causes for dental decay. Foods Like dried fruits or toffee, cannot not be washed out easily from the teeth by saliva, water or milk. So, they have more cavity-causing potential to the teeth. It is recommended to brush properly when consumed.


It’s always better to avoid soda and colas because Sodas contains acids like citric and phosphoric acid. Acids slowly react with the teeth and dissolve them. And it can have a corrosive effect on the teeth. But Soft drinks can be consumed but not on a regular basis. Instead of Cola, Milk, water and juices can be consumed. Since Milk contains calcium which strengthens the teeth and Water and juices acts as a cleansing agent for the teeth.

Chewing tobacco and smoking:

This is one of the Major causes for tooth decay. Tobacco powder and its smoke can cause stains on teeth and weakens the teeth. Chewing of tobacco can lead to dangerous Oral Cancer. So, avoiding tobacco related products is the best.

Chewable gums:

There are of 2 kinds, one is specifically made to chew after meals and these help in cleaning of the teeth. And the other gums is a sweet ones which increases sugar content and attract micro-organisms onto the teeth and may cause decay of the teeth. It is always better to use the first one rather the other.


Alcohol consumption affects the oral organs including the gums, tongue and other oral tissues. And thereby causing tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease. Heavy drinkers have a risk of developing oral cancer in mouth, and some other organs in the body. 

Dental Check up:                                                                                                        dental-checkup2

A dental check-up is recommended atleast twice a year, for every 6 months to check everything is fine with our teeth and oral structures.

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