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Breast Feeding- A Boon

Being a Mom gives us an immense pleasure and excitement. Many of us don’t know that the Preparations of Breast Feed starts from mid 7th month of pregnancy. Especially, If the Mom-to-be has a flat nipple Slowly pull the nipple out by applying some coconut oil over the nipple area for 10-15 mins every day before bath and scratch the nipple pores this helps to increase the flow of milk without hindrance. Normally there will be slight wetting or milkening by end 8th months. Mothers are often anxious and embarrassed that they can only express a drop or two of milk in the first few days. This is normal when the baby sucks however, the baby gets much more than that.

During the first two days after childbirth, the yellowish fluid is secreted from the breast is known as colostrums. This is very nutritious and good for the baby as it is a good source of vitamin A and contains substances which protect the baby from diseases.

  • Milk normally “comes in” between a Day and two. By the 5th day most mothers feel the engorgement of breasts.
  • Breasts feel little firm and might leak a bit of milk. The engorgement usually settles and the breasts feel softer after feeds. Persistent engorgement enough to cause pain or severe discomfort is not normal.
  • Some nipple soreness is expected and normal on the 2nd or 3rd day but usually settles in a few days.
  • Expression of a few drops of milk before each feed often improves the “latching on”.
  • The baby latches on to the breast without difficulty and the baby sucks vigorously for at least 10 minutes per feed.  You can also hear the sucking and swallowing sounds while your baby feeds.
  • The Baby needs  feed every 1 hour initially and as the days goes, it goes to  2-3 hours & has around 8-10 feeds in 24 hours. The baby has only 1 long interval up to 5 hours at night.
  • The breast feels full before feeds and soft after the feed and there is no soreness of nipples and no pain while feeding.
  • The baby starts passing golden yellow soft stools every day and urinate a minimum of 6 times per day.
  • Please don’t forget to burp the baby after every feed

Some of the traditional way of treating breast feeding problems

  •  Soreness on nipple- Apply coconut oil on affected area. Coconut oil is a natural healer.
  •  Feeling Fullness and Pain in breast opt for hot water massage. It gives u greater relief.

To know more about feeding click herehttp://wp.me/p2zpYg-aJ

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