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When can I start giving Egg to my baby ?

Most parents would like to know when is a good time egg1to start a healthy food like Egg. Eggs are little hard to digest but are high in protein which is essentials for babies brain and body growth till Age 5.

You can start giving cooked egg yolk to your child from 6th month onwards, the egg white should be avoided till the baby turn 1 yr. Eggs, particularly the egg whites, are one of the top 8 of all allergens.

The egg yolk contains the following:
all of an egg’s vitamin A, D, and E;
almost all the vitamin B12, choline, folic acid and vitamin B3;
76% of the biotin,
73% of the inositol,
50% of the niacin,
93% of the vitamin B6,
42% of the riboflavin,
90% of the thiamin
44% of the protein
and substantial portions of the egg’s mineral content
Source: The American Egg Board

– Tebbytalks A

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