Tips to make picky eaters eat

Most of the toddlers and pre-schooler are picky eater making it a battle for the parents to make them eat.picky eater As long as they are active and are in the right weight band, parents need not worry. As parents we are always woprried about the nutrition deficiency in the food as they are picky eater. Here are few tips to make them eat more variety /nutritious food.

  1. Motivate them to eat by telling them how one of their favorite stars / sports person / cartoon character loves to eat that particular variety of food. Children generally love to imitiate the stars / characters they love eg. Popeye eating spinach. Actually this was my pediatricians idea to make Ben 10 / spiderman eat a particular variety of food so that kids will ask for that and start eating ( If your kid loves a specific character let me know the character and food, I will post a pic of the character eating the food for your child )
  2. Prepare the meal according to the kids taste . If the kid loves spicy food then make the chicken with spice, if they love cheese then add cheese to it. If the child loves chicken then include vegetables like carrot, peas etc in a chicken recipe.Try different way of serving it with the kids choice of dips / spreads
  3. Establish regular meal and snack times, toddlers and preschoolers need to eat about every 2 to 3 hours. Don’t offer anything besides water between meals and snacks – this allows your child to get hungry.
  4. Serve cut fruits and vegetables for snacks and cut them in interesting shapes they like.
  5. Involve your child(ren) in shopping groceries, meal planning / cooking, and growing fruits / vegetables in your garden (which kids love!). Your child is more likely to eat and enjoy something he/she was involved in.
  6. Teach the nutritional value and benefits of each type of food that your child eats.
  7. If the child refuses to eat what is served, do not get her something else to eat. It’s okay to have him/her wait until the next scheduled meal or snack to eat (no more than 2 to 3 hours later).


6 comments on “Tips to make picky eaters eat

  1. Again a very useful tip. Allowing the kids to feel hunger and then feed, and to involve them in grocery shopping are the strinking tips i liked.

  2. Nice tips. In my experience, the number one tip that works is for parents (or caregivers) to eat along with the kids. Kids learn best when they see their mom and dad doing it. Applies to food habits and everything else as well. 🙂

  3. What if all the above tricks fail?
    Guess, occasionally spanking helps as well!

    • I would disagree to this view. Kids should never be spanked. Every action has an emotional impact on the kid and spanking will have a negative impact which can actually indiectly affect the kids attitude when the kid turns into an adult.

      • Too much of protectionism and pampering would harm them equally in the long run as well. Child even after becoming an adult remain mentally infantile.

        It has to be remembered that the world would expose the hardest truths to a person. The child has to be fed with a steady dose of what the world has in store for them to face rather than letting them experience rude shocks all by themselves.

        This has to be considered seriously as even at a mildest nasty surprise the child or the child in the adult have no mental stamina to handle the situation and tend to take extreme foolish steps.

        I used to get pampered for the good I did and spanked for my extreme pranks. I think both helped me in the same measure.

      • I agree to the fact that a child should not be pampered and spoon fed all the time. A should be disciplined and not punished.

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